[imp] Invalid Address in From:

R Phillips R.I.Phillips at bath.ac.uk
Tue Jun 18 09:30:47 UTC 2013

Having installed Groupware 5.1 I am seeing "Invalid Address" in all
folder presentations (and in view modes) for any From: address that is
proceeded by any content.

The "Invalid Address" are either:

"A.N.Other" <a.n.other at example.com>

another <a.n.other at example.com>

From: addresses like:
imp at lists.horde.org

...display as expected.  Also opening up a view window renders the From:
address "correctly" for all formats.

I'm using imap c-client 2007f with httpd 2.4.4, PHP 5.4.14 with

This problem does not exist with previous installs of imp using the same
c-client - I'm wondering where to start looking?  This would appear to
get marked up in horde/imp/lib/Mailbox/Ui.php with a
Horde_Mail_Rfc822_List Object ?

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