[imp] Insert image dialog broken

cjdl01 cjdl01 at brokensolstice.com
Sun Jun 23 13:18:35 UTC 2013

Hi Everyone.

I just upgraded to all the latest Horde components (Imp 6.1.2, Horde  
5.1.1).  I noticed that a feature I had always hoped would show up in  
imp is here at last:  The ability to insert an image to email from  
your hard drive.  Of course, the image from your hard drive must be  
uploaded before it can be inserted -- and that is where my problems lie.

Here is what happens:

1) I click on "New Message"
2) I check the box for "Html Composition"
3) I click on the "Image" button
4) I click on "Upload"
5) I browse to a jpeg image on my computer
6) I click "Send it to the Server"

It is here the troubles arise.  In the "Image Properties" popup dialog  
I have a horizontal slider about 50 pixels beneath the "Image Info",  
"Link", "Upload" and "Advanced" tabs.  It looks like a window about  
one pixel tall.  I can see some dots and lines that suggest there is  
text in there, but of course, I cannot read it, since I'm only getting  
a 1 px slice.

It looks just like this:

I am using firefox 20.0.1 in Linux, but I have also tried Chrome, and  
the results are much the same. I have a windows XP box with IE 8.0,  
and instead of manifesting those symptoms, it prompts me to download  

I switched the horde log level to debug, but It isn't generating any  
errors there.

This is a feature my users would really like to have.  Is there a way  
to get this working?

Thanks for any assistance.


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