[imp] Microsoft Edge typing issue & user agent string

Michael Martinell michael.martinell at itctel.com
Wed Mar 16 19:39:13 UTC 2016

I am having an issue in Microsoft Edge where the cursor will jump to the beginning of a message and start to insert the text backwards.  If I change the user agent string in Microsoft Edge to that of Mozilla Firefox, then the problem goes away and everything works normally.  Where does Horde/Imp do the check to determine which browser is being used?

How to reproduce the issue:
Using Windows 10/Microsoft Edge go to demo.horde.org and start a new email message.  Click in the body of the message and press enter once to get to the second line.  Type numbers 1234567890123456789012345.  When the next 6 is typed, then the cursor will jump to the beginning of the first 1, and start to input the text backwards.  098765432109876

If the user agent is changed from within Microsoft Edge, by using the F12 Developer Tools option, then the issue goes away.  My current thought is that Horde is not correctly identifying, or not correctly handling, the browser.  Which file should I look in that handles this behavior, and what should I look to change in that file?

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