[imp] Changing default flag colors

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Fri Mar 18 04:27:55 UTC 2016

Quoting Aaron Paetznick <aaronp at critd.com>:

> I would like to change the default email flag colors, e.g. seen,  
> unseen, important, etc. I can change these colors for my personal  
> mailbox by going to Preferences > Mail > Flags, but I want to know  
> how to change the defaults for everyone.
> Can anybody help me find where these are defined, or how I can  
> define my own custom default colors? Thanks!

Look at imp/config/prefs.php. You want to set the value of the  
'msgflags' preference. For the format of the serialized array, the  
easiest thing to do is to set them as you want in your account and  
look at the value in the preference system. Be sure to make the  
override in the prefs.local.php file though.

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