[imp] Spam reporting confirmation dialog

Yves Bilgeri yves.bilgeri at bbw.ch
Tue Feb 19 14:51:41 UTC 2019


We enabled Spam reporting in backends.local.php and locked the prefs to 
delete the mail to trash after reporting. Now I see more none Spam, 
sometimes even personal mails get reported. So I think they hit the 
button next to delete by accident or they don't know what it means.

I saw in an older bug report #2285 that there was/is a confirmation 
window/dialog exactly for this problem. How can I enable this in the 
latest stable version of Horde/IMP in dynamic and mobile view?

Thanks in advance,

     'spam' => array(
         'spam' => array(
             'display' => false,

             // Email reporting driver
             'email' => 'somemail at example.com',
             'email_format' => 'digest',

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