[ingo] Fwd: Re: [imp] SIEVE for IMP

Hasso Meyer-Jordan meyer-jordan at t-online.de
Tue Jan 14 23:53:49 PST 2003

Hi Marc!

> Hi there,
> Thanks for your answer... I need a few more precisions now, hopefully you
> have time to answer them :-)
> - is the CVS HEAD tag a stable release ?

Head = stable? What a funny question!
Your first contact with software and development?

> If no what kind of release is that
> ? I suppose the latest dev one...

Development, you're right.

> - how can I get a CVS HEAD tag release of IMP ?
> - where can I get Ingo ?

CVS repository. You should look around on horde website more than 2 minutes:

Don't expect simple including of head development code into older stable 
Horde/IMP systems because of using of new Horde library code.


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