[ingo] follow up for translations

Florent AIDE faide at alphacent.com
Mon Feb 10 16:15:17 PST 2003

Hello Mike, 
> > a patch for the ingo repo to let many strings be managed by gettext... 
> Thanks for the patch, sorry I bet you too it though :-P 
no problem ;) 
> I have no idea what to do with these files, if you send it to the 
> i18n at lists.horde.org list, hopefully someone there will commit it :-) 
I'll send it to them at once ... 
I have one more question since you seem to be the maintener of the ingo module 
(your name is in the file headers everywhere ;): 
I see no way to activate StartTLS for sieve ... and the pear driver does not 
seem to use TLS... Would it be difficult to activate StartTLS for the 
timsieved driver ? 
This question because my cyrus-imap server is not the same server as the 
webserver one and I would like to avoid SSL tunnels (the ones you configure 
one and for all to forward certain ports over SSL from one machine to 
another...) between the machines if I can. 
My timsieved server support Starttls and the sivtest app can log in with 
startTLS ... 
Thanks for your answers... 
AIDE Florent. 

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