[ingo] Re: Ingo RELENG_1

Wolfgang Rosenauer wolfgang.rosenauer at an-netz.de
Mon Apr 28 08:53:35 PDT 2003


Brent J. Nordquist wrote:

> Thanks Jan; you're right, much better.  OK, I've committed the state of my
> back-port so far.  There are several important caveats.
> My focus here is a blacklist-/whitelist-only and procmail-only deployment,
> so unfortunately I have to stay focused on that for the time being.
> (1)  I haven't even tried rule.php, filters.php, or vacation.php to see if
> they work (I have them turned off in my config.).  If someone would like
> to help test these against Horde 2.2.x and send patches that would be
> great!  Otherwise they're on my list and I'll get to them eventually.
> (2)  I haven't tried sieve either; same comment.

hmm, what do I have to do to install it under Horde 2.2.x?
I've checked it out, configured it in backends.php but Ingo tell me that 
conf.php is missing?
I would like to help testing with SIEVE integration. (don't know if I 
can help coding).
Do I have the correct sources? I couldn't find a tag RELENG_1?


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