[ingo] RELENG_1 feedback

Balazs GAL balsa at rit.bme.hu
Sat May 17 12:36:49 PDT 2003

2003-05-15, cs keltezéssel Wolfgang Rosenauer ezt írta:
> Hi,

Hi all!

> I'm now using Ingo in our Horde 2.2 environment some time.
> For my usage (timsieved, Cyrus) it seems to work well.

Which version do you use? The RELENG_1 in CVS is not usable
for me. Can you provide information for me, that
in which environment can in work?

> Does anyone know special problems?

Yes: I have the "Can't add more than 1 rule" problem too.
(rule.php 'edit' problem)

The lib/Ingo.php contains a call to is_a function, I think
it should be replaced with PEAR::isError.

Thanks for your help, abd thanks for the ingo team.


ps.: My system: php from debian woody with
     horde 2.2.3 and pear-

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