[ingo] RELENG_1 feedback

Balazs GAL balsa at rit.bme.hu
Sun May 18 03:15:27 PDT 2003

2003-05-18, v keltezéssel Wolfgang Rosenauer ezt írta:
> Hi,
> On 17 May 2003, Balazs GAL wrote:
> > > I'm now using Ingo in our Horde 2.2 environment some time.
> > >
> > > For my usage (timsieved, Cyrus) it seems to work well.
> >
> > Which version do you use? The RELENG_1 in CVS is not usable
> > for me. Can you provide information for me, that
> > in which environment can in work?
> it's RELENG_1 from CVS with PHP 4.2.2 (updated PEAR 1.0.1),
> and Horde 2.2.3.

OK then seems that the only diferencies is the php4 version. I use
php 4.1.2 from debian woody. Horde prefs in postgresql, php session
in files. The horde perefs system works with imp turba etc.
As Alexander Skwar wrote seems that ingo (or php) has problem with
session handling in this setup.

I will try now php 4.2.3.

> > > Does anyone know special problems?
> >
> > Yes: I have the "Can't add more than 1 rule" problem too.
> > (rule.php 'edit' problem)
> I can't reproduce this. Do you use timsieved or procmail filters?

I use timsieved too and Ingo can store the script on timsieved.

> > The lib/Ingo.php contains a call to is_a function, I think
> > it should be replaced with PEAR::isError.
> doesn't 'is_a' work for you?


>  I don't get an error about it.

Is the 'is_a' func. php version specific?


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