[ingo] disabling rules, odd behaviour

Leena Heino Leena.Heino at uta.fi
Fri May 23 06:25:26 PDT 2003

How to repeat the situation:
1. prefs.php must have normal serialized version of rules value ie. all
three rules must be present: blacklist, whitelist and vacation.
2. Enable show_rules in prefs.php
2. Disable show_vacation in prefs.php.
3. go to rules view: You should see blacklist, whitelist and vacation.

Why is the vacation rule still showing up on rules view?

- Vacation has text "modify whitelist".
- Clicking "modify whitelist" on the vacation rule line, will direct you
to ingo's preferences page.

This is with the latest ingo releng1 from cvs.

  -- Leena Heino (liinu at uta.fi)

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