[ingo] Problems with imap as 'script'

Dan Wilson dan at acucore.com
Mon Jun 9 09:50:03 PDT 2003

I get the following errors when logging in:

Warning: Variable passed to key() is not an array or object in
/home/dan/public_html/dev_horde/lib/IMAP/Search.php on line 296

Notice: Undefined variable: flag in
/home/dan/public_html/dev_horde/ingo/lib/Script/imap.php on line 204

I updated from CVS today and got my old style imp filters converted.  But this
is having problems.

Here is my setup:

Courier IMAP 1.6.1 (with vpopmail 5.2)
IMP CVS-HEAD (as of today)
Ingo CVS-HEAD (as of today)

I took a peak at the code and it looks like it's not getting the inbox data
prior to trying to run the search on it.  If I refresh the page (after getting
the error), then it works (or rather it let's me view my inbox), but all my
emails are matched to the first rule in the list (which happens to be my spam
filter [on X-Spam-Status]), and are moved into my spam folder.  Which of course
results in a no emails available in the Inbox for any rules to try to search.

Thanks for any help.


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