[ingo] [patch]: Sieve scripts produce only :is condition

Michael M Slusarz slusarz at bigworm.colorado.edu
Thu Jun 12 12:30:25 PDT 2003

Quoting Ahmed <ashihab at alcahest.com>:

| A small problem with Ingo HEAD as of 13:00 BST.
| When creating a rule which has for example, Subject Contains from the
| rule
| list, the generated script has
| if header :comparator "i;octet" :is "Subject" "SPAM"  {
| instead of
| if header :comparator "i;octet" :contains "Subject" "SPAM"  {

Fixed in CVS. Thanks.


Michael Slusarz [slusarz at bigworm.colorado.edu]
The University of Colorado at Boulder

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