[ingo] API call problem

cmerritt at training.triconts.com cmerritt at training.triconts.com
Tue Jun 24 09:05:43 PDT 2003

I am getting the following message when I attempt to blacklist someone:

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in
/usr/local/apache2/htdocs/horde2/ingo/lib/api.php on line 51

I am pretty sure this is due to the fact that I didn't know what parameters to
specify in the conf.php for ingo.  I am currently using courier imap, and have
a conf.php with the following lines:

$conf['menu']['apps'] = array();
$conf['storage']['driver'] = 'prefs';
$conf['script']['path_style'] = 'maildir';

Any help is appreciated.

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