[ingo] imap client filter and mail mark does NOT work

Rong-en Fan rafan at csie.org
Fri Jul 18 05:32:20 PDT 2003

Hi there,

I'm using lastest (around 07/17/03 17:23 UTC) -HEAD version of
Horde/IMP/Ingo. Since i start to use ingo last month, mail mark
does not work. If i create a rule and once match, i choose to
mark this mail as deleted, but somehow it just doesn't work. :(
i'm using imap client side filtering, and if i choose to move
matched mail to a folder, it works.

I just check my conf, there are all synced, and there is nothing
strange in php log, Any one got ideas? thanks in advance :)

Here is the software i'm using
php 4.3.2
horde/imp/ingo are -HEAD


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