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Michael Crawford crawford at mun.ca
Tue Oct 7 05:08:42 PDT 2003

Hi all,

I'm using the RELENG version of INGO with the latest release of Horde and
IMP and I have found an intersting problem with IE.

If you create a new rule, then switch from "Any of the Following" to "All of
the following" and then back again. When you try to select something from
the drop-down box, the whole window goes white and you have to log in again.

I have no idea, other than a MS Bug, what could cause this. Ideas?



Michael Crawford       | Technical Support Group
Systems Administrator  | Computing and Communications, MUN

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> Hey folks -
> trying out a new CVS checkout of horde/imp/ingo from today I'm a little
> confuzzled by the below error:
> "There was an error activating this script. The driver said: Unable to
write VFS
> file."
> Not very hard to understand one might think. ;) But what does it mean? I'm
> exactly sure where to begin fixing it. I'm using the procmail backend and
> have 'driver' set to 'vfs'. In horde/conf.php I have:
> $conf['vfs']['type'] = 'file';
> $conf['vfs']['params']['vfsroot'] = '/tmp';
> Does that mean Ingo is unable to write to /tmp??
> Cheers,
> Jo
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