[ingo] Error (redeclaration of Text) in latest CVS version

Roel Gloudemans roel at gloudemans.info
Sat Dec 13 08:45:34 PST 2003


I just installed the latest CVS version of Ingo on an PHP 4.3.X box and a PHP
4.2.X box.

Ingo worked fine on PHP 4.3, but I had to make the following modification for
Ingo to work on the PHP 4.2.X box.

In ingo/lib/base.php remove the line:
require_once HORDE_LIBS . 'Horde/Text.php';

and add it to ingo/lib/Ingo.php, below the line:
function flistSelect($value = null, $form = null, $tagname = 'actionvalue')

Now it works on both boxes.


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