[ingo] Problems with ingo-RELENG and timsieved

aoster at thetick.de aoster at thetick.de
Thu Jan 15 02:24:02 PST 2004

Dear list,

I have a problem getting ingo to work with my cyrus imap server
(2.1.15). I would like to have individual sieve filters for all of
our user. The Ingo frontend starts up and filters can be defined, 
but when I try to save them the complete Horde framework stops
When I check running processes i can see that timesievd has been

my backends.php looks like this:


$backends['timsieved'] = array(
    'driver' => 'timsieved',
    'preferred' => 'webmail.mydomain.de',
    'script' => 'sieve',
    'hordeauth' => 'user',
    'params' => array('hostspec' => 'localhost','port' => 2000));

my conf.php looks like this:

// What storage driver should we use?
$conf['storage']['driver'] = 'prefs';

 ** Ingo Scripts

// What path style does the IMAP server use?
// (Only needed for procmail driver.)
// $conf['script']['path_style'] = 'mbox';
// $conf['script']['path_style'] = 'maildir';

 ** Menu settings

// This is an array of applications (using the names defined in
// horde/config/registry.php) to include links to in the menubar. An
// example providing a link to IMP (an email program) would be:
// $conf['menu']['apps'] = array('imp');
$conf['menu']['apps'] = array();

If someone stumbled over the same issue and has a working solution,
bugfix,tip I would really appreciate it.

best regards Andreas

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