[ingo] Does ingo read existing scripts?

Christian Tramnitz maillist at tramnitz.com
Sun Jan 18 13:43:33 PST 2004


I've been using sieve for a while now, writing simple sieve-scripts for 
~10 users on the command line.

Because I'm quite happy with Horde/IMP for Webmail purpose I thought I 
give Ingo a try.

Setup was very simple and lucky me, I do not suffer from the broken 
connection (PLAIN/bye) problem.
However when setting up my first script using ingo it didnt detect my 
existing scripts and when activating my changes it wrote the 
ingo-scripts to /var/imap/sieve, removing the "default" pointer from my 
existing scripts...

Is there a way to integrate existing scripts into Ingo? I dont want 
every user login and rebuild the rules that already exist...

I tried with manually editing the ingo.scripts file but that was caught 
either :-(

Thanks and best regards,

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