[ingo] Re: Does ingo read existing scripts?

Christian Tramnitz maillist at tramnitz.com
Mon Jan 19 11:30:23 PST 2004

Jan Schneider wrote:

>Parsing existing scripts into an Ingo rule set is pretty hard if not
>unpossible. If you could come up with a working solution, we'd happily
>accept a patch.
I'm no coder and I even don't know if anyone really *needs* this feature.
For now I'd be happy to know where Ingo "caches" it's current ruleset.

E.g. when creating a sieve rule with Ingo and then changing it using en 
editor: When using Ingo the next time it will still present what it 
created itself the last time, so if I made the changes there instead of 
the sieve rule directly this could already help...

Thanks and best regards,

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