[ingo] Horde hangs

Han Spruyt h.spruyt at sbdij.nl
Sat Mar 6 04:46:01 PST 2004

Good day,

I suffered the same problem a few people described on this list. After storing a
new rule to the Cyrus server for the first time Horde was hanging. I saw however
that the script was generated, stored on the server and was working.

After I accidentially logged on in English (I use an English Firebird), the
problem was gone. Everything worked as it should and I could see the rule I made
earlier. When I switch to Dutch again Horde freezes already when I choose
Filters in the sidebar. Through the top menu I can get to options==>filters and
it hangs when I choose edit rules.

Maybe a localisation problem here?

I am not a coder, so the best I can do is trace log files, see what happens and
the like.

I use HEAD from march 3rd.


Han Spruyt 

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