[ingo] Selecting backends based on current Imp mail server

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Mon Mar 29 04:36:18 PST 2004

Zitat von Chris Hastie <lists at oak-wood.co.uk>:

> On Mon, 29 Mar 2004, Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org> wrote:
>> Zitat von Chris Hastie <lists at oak-wood.co.uk>:
>> > Looking at the config files for Ingo it seems it is possible to select
>> > the backend based on the current value of HTTP_HOST, using the
>> > 'preferred' parameter.
>> >
>> > Is it possible to select backend based on the current mailserver that
>> > Imp is connected to? I have a single installation of Imp allowing access
>> > to two Cyrus servers, selected by a drop down box at login. I can't
>> > easily run the installation on two different virtual hosts (which seems
>> > required to use the 'preferred' parameter) because of issues with SSL
>> > certificates and virtual hosts. Obviously, I want users of cyrusbox1 to
>> > update their sieve scripts on cyrusbox1, and users of cyrusbox2 to
>> > update sieve scripts on cyrusbox2. Can this be configured?
>> Not currently. But a patch would be great.
> I may have a go if I get time. Can you suggest what is the best way to access
> the current Imp server setting? Also, does Ingo need to be able to function
> independantly of Imp? I'm guessing it does.

Yes, it does. The interaction should probably be done best with an api call.
"mail/getPreferredServer" or something similar.


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