[ingo] sieved and ftp transport

Marcos Monge mmonge at satec.es
Mon Apr 12 08:08:09 PDT 2004

Hi everybody

It's possible to generate sieved filters, but transport to the server 
using ftp?

In the backends.php config file, there is 2 examples, one for sieve 
based filters, transported to the server using timesieved protocol (from 
cyrus). And another example for procmail using ftp for transport.

It's possible to mix this? For example, upload to the server a 
".forward" file that containg a sieve script, using ftp?

I want to use Exim like smtp (that can interpret sieve scripts, in 
.forward files or any other file for filtering). But exim has no 
timesieved server like cyrus.

Thanks in advance

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