[ingo] sieved and ftp transport

Marcos Monge mmonge at satec.es
Fri Apr 16 08:16:02 PDT 2004

Jan Schneider wrote:

>> It's possible to generate sieved filters, but transport to the server
>> using ftp?
>> In the backends.php config file, there is 2 examples, one for sieve
>> based filters, transported to the server using timesieved protocol (from
>> cyrus). And another example for procmail using ftp for transport.
>> It's possible to mix this? For example, upload to the server a
>> ".forward" file that containg a sieve script, using ftp?
>> I want to use Exim like smtp (that can interpret sieve scripts, in
>> .forward files or any other file for filtering). But exim has no
>> timesieved server like cyrus.
> Why don't you try it out and tell us your experiences? 

Well, I have try to do this, and work more or less.
It's needed to do some little hacks in the Exim configuration to 
understand the name of the folders (INBOX.folder, instead of just 
"folder"), but work.

I also need to do a little hack in the ingo/lib/Script/sieve.php to 
disable the "IMAP flags" support, because Exim doesn't understand Sieve 
scripts with the flags module (to do this, put "var $_supportIMAPFlags = 
false;" in sieve.php).

Now I have some strange problem with the vacation option. After 
configure it via web (put my email, subject, message, etc), the Ingo 
show that it's "Disabled" all the time. I have try several things, but 
always apear like disabled. Anyone can tell me how to activate it?

I'm using Ingo 1.0-Alpha, with Horde-3.0-Alpha, and IMP-4-Alpha.

Thanks in advance.

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