[ingo] Re: [sork] Re: Functionality request... (Chuck Hagenbuch)

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Mon May 17 01:59:15 PDT 2004

This really has nothing to do on the sork list.

Zitat von "Michael J. Pelletier" <mjpelletier at mjpelletier.com>:

>>> Is it possible to add forward and vaction support to Cyrus users 
>>> (via sieve)?
>> Yup. Use Ingo (gives you full filtering as well). It's been around 
>> for over a
>> year, and supported sieve in the beginning.
>> -chuck
> The problem is that it is ingo is not flexible as the application smartsieve.
> Here are some of the problems I have:
> I use Spamassassin/Razor/MIMEDefang to filter incoming email. If an email is
> spam, a header is added of "X-Spam-Score". For each user I have added a sieve
> script that will move any message with a "X-Spam-Score" to the users SPAM
> directory. I have been using smartsieve. I would like to migrate to 
> ingo, since
> it is built into Horde. Here are the problems I have had with ingo:
> 1) I cannot create a SPAM filter in ingo. Just simple whitelists/blacklists.

Wrong. You can create arbitrary filters in Ingo.

> 2) If I create a SPAM filter then, try to use ingo to add to this 
> filter, ingo
> will delete my script and add the whitrelist/blacklist information.

No idea what you're talking about here.

> 3) It would be nice to have a more user friendly gui like smartsieve. 
> Checkout
> http://smartsieve.sourceforge.net/
> What do you think?

That smartsieve has absolutely nothing in its UI that makes it stand out
from Ingo.


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