[ingo] Fwd: maybe bug in ingo

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue Jun 8 05:12:00 PDT 2004

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    Datum: Tue, 08 Jun 2004 12:00:09 +0200
    Von: Martin Kaehmer <xk3 at mompl.org>
Antwort an: Martin Kaehmer <xk3 at mompl.org>
 Betreff: maybe bug in ingo
      An: jan at horde.org

Hello Jan,

sorry for bothering you directly and not the mailing list, but I'm nearly
offline at the moment and your address was the only one from the horde guys
I could remember.

Please, could you have a look at the following ingo rule 'X-Spam-Status
begins with "Yes,"' and decide whether CVS-ingo works correctly here?

my quite old CVS-ingo (a year(?) old, had to patch ingo for getting field

# Spam
4: if anyof ( header :comparator "i;ascii-casemap" :matches "X-Spam-Status"
"Yes,*", header :comparator "i;ascii-casemap" :contains "To"
"members at gmx.net", header :comparator "i;ascii-casemap" :contains
"Received" "listsrv.idginteractive.de", header :comparator
"i;ascii-casemap" :contains "Subject" "Cron " ) {
5:     fileinto "INBOX.Spam";
6:     stop;
7: }

my quite new CVS-ingo (2 weeks old?) gives me for the same rule (without
the other stuff)

 5: # Spam
  6: if header :comparator "i;ascii-casemap" :matches "X-Spam-Status"
["Yes", "*"]  {
  7:     fileinto "INBOX.Spam";
  8:     stop;
  9: }

Is the single "*" in the second rule correct? Cause my filtes run amok at
the moment. If I reduce the whole rule by the comma to 'X-Spam-Status
begins with "Yes"', it gives me ':matches "X-Spam-Status" "Yes*"' and
everything works ok again.

again, sorry for circumventing the usual communication way! If you think
it's a bug I'll file it into the tracking system as soon as I get online


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