[ingo] Dovecot 'filter activity' next-page "delay" ?

cpickert at t3inc.us cpickert at t3inc.us
Wed Jul 21 10:52:41 PDT 2004

To the horde:

   There's been a recent thread about Dovecot and it's abilities to work with
'marked' messages. I've been running it for about 3 weeks, in production, and
have had great success with 'marked' messages in particular, but even more
impressive/important was the INCREDIBLE speed increase imap response time. I
use postfix->mysql/ingo and Maildirs / maildrop for delivery.

   What I've got an issue w/ is that when Ingo filters and 'display detailed
notification' is on, the filter is applied, messages are moved and the page is
displayed. However, what's odd is that the detailed notifications for the
messages that were just filtered, don't get displayed until the page /after/ ?
I couldv'e sworn that with courier-imap this doesn't happen.

   I do use the IMP portal block to display the folders and in my IMP->Filter
options, all of the possible 'scenarios' for filter application are all turned

   Can anybody try to re-produce and possibly shed some light?

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