[ingo] Re: Other procmail rules

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Sun Jan 9 07:02:50 PST 2005

Zitat von Ronny Adsetts <ronny.adsetts at amazinginternet.com>:

> Kevin Göser said at 08/01/2005 14:20:
>> I installed and configured Ingo sucessfully for procmail. In my old 
>> .procmailrc I got rules for bogofilter and clam anti virus. Is there 
>> any chance to keep those rules when using Ingo?
> I'd suggest setting up a separate procmail file and including it using
> 'INCLUDERC' (see man procmailrc). You can set this up to be included
> automatically from the ingo/config/backends.php - modify the
> $backends['procmail']['scriptparams']['variables'] array.

And to answer the original question: No, there is no way to "re-engineer"
existing rules (neither procmail nor sieve) to Ingo rules.


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