[ingo] INGO: Spamassassin Enable/Disable

Jake Holmquist jake.holmquist at manhattan.edu
Fri Jan 14 16:11:53 PST 2005

Has anyone ventured to create a rule (similar to
vacation/whitelist/blacklist) to enable/disable spamassassin for a user
account.  I run a server that requires the user to enable spamassassin in
their .procmailrc file.  Previously, we hacked up the old forwards (sork)
module to modify a user's .procmailrc with an ftp backend.  To enable
spamassassin, the following line is added:
"INCLUDERC=/path/to/spamassassin/script".  We also gave a few options to
configure spamassassin, but it looks like "sam" is now doing that.  Great
Job with the INGO product!!!!


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