[ingo] How to select backend on a per user basis

Thibault Le Meur Thibault.Lemeur at supelec.fr
Thu Jan 20 07:44:40 PST 2005


I've got a working Horde-3.0.2/IMP-4.0.1/ingo-1.0 installation and horde
uses IMP authentication.

Filters are implemented on the mailbox servers and I've got several Cyrus
IMAP and POP servers. Some of those servers accept filters scripts (some
with IMAP, some with Sieve). Of course, the backend server depends on the
user logged in and his affected mailbox server.

Can choose the correct backend from the mailbox server used by IMP or from
and LDAP group ?
Is there any mechanism available to let me choose the correct backend on a
per user basis (Any hook function that I could write) ?

Thank you in advance for any answer or suggestion.

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