[ingo] How to select backend on a per user basis

Thibault Le Meur Thibault.Lemeur at supelec.fr
Thu Jan 20 09:42:29 PST 2005

> Zitat von Thibault Le Meur <Thibault.Lemeur at supelec.fr>:
> > Is there any mechanism available to let me choose the correct backend on
> a
> > per user basis (Any hook function that I could write) ?
> You won't even need that. Put some if-clauses into config/backends.php
> that
> select the correct backend for the users.
> Jan.

Thank you very much Jan, now I realize how powerful it is: I can write my
own PHP functions inside the backends.php configuration file!

I've changed my config file and now I'm able to select which backend to use
given an ldap group the user is member of.

However I still have a problem for users with no "backend" (they use a POP
server with no procmail or other filter capability): I get an error just
after login. 
Is there an special "no backend" (and no filter capability) ?
May be I have to disable the "ingo" application registration in
horde/config/registry.php on a per user basis ?

This lead to another question: I have to develop some custom functions that
could be useful for me in several configuration files, Is there a standard
file to put such custom functions (and make sure they are accessible from
anywhere in horde applications) ? (Maybe horde/config/hooks.php ?)

Thanks again.


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