[ingo] creating / activating rules externally

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu Jan 20 13:44:49 PST 2005

Zitat von Liam Hoekenga <liamr at umich.edu>:

> We're looking to deploy DSPAM institutionally.
> We have a "Spam Management Services" page, and when people opt into content
> (spam) filtering filtering, we need to add a Sieve rule.  As Ingo can't
> reconcile it's rules with rules from the user's existing active script, we
> think it'd probably be best to add the rule using ingo, and then activate the
> script.
> The question is, how do we do it?  A specially crafted POST to
> /horde/ingo/rule.php?  A script that lives on the webmail servers installed
> along side of horde that uses the horde mechanics?
> Any ideas / suggestions would be most appreciated.

The best solution would be a more flexible storage backend than preferences,
e.g. a SQL backend. Then you could add rules for users and run a little
script that activates the filter scripts for all of them.


Do you need professional PHP or Horde consulting?

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