[ingo] modify ingos rule creation behavior

RYAN vAN GINNEKEN luck at computerking.ca
Fri Mar 18 12:43:30 PST 2005

I have the ingo program sort of working and it does create rules however
it is adding a . and a $DEFAULT to my maildir where there should be none
I get this in  the procmail logs NOTE the //.test on the 3rd line. .

procmail: Assigning "INCLUDERC=/home/rmvg/Procmail/horde.rc"
procmail: Match on "^Subject:.*test2"
procmail: Assigning
procmail: Assigning
 From skinnman at yahoo.com  Fri Mar 18 01:51:56 2005
Subject: test2
/home/rmvg/IMAPdir/INBOX/new/1111135916.38010_1.shoemasters.     1183

Even though i get a match and it states that the mail is moved there is
no copy in the test folder only the INBOX therefore i  need a rule
created that looks like this.

:0 c
* ^Subject:.*test2

ingo is creating a rules that looks like this how do i modify ingos

:0 c
* ^Subject:.*test

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