[ingo] Override vacation/forwards

D Canfield canfield at uindy.edu
Fri Apr 1 07:58:10 PST 2005

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I have horde3/IMP/Ingo up and running in a test environment, and have 
added SAM and the forwards/vacation component of Sork as well.  SAM, 
Forwards, and Vacation are all running smoothly, but my problem is that 
I have duplicate methods for forwards/vacations between sork and ingo.  
When I installed SAM, there was an option in the registry for SAM to 
take over whitelist/blacklist functions from Ingo.  I can find no such 
method for telling Ingo that sork will be handling vacations/forwards.  
Is there a way to do this?  Alternatively, can someone point me to a 
variable or section of code to comment out until such support is made 
available.  I'm apparently being dense, but I just can't find where to 
do it.



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