[ingo] Procmail and Interactive Login Question/Suggestions

Curt LeCaptain lecaptainc at infinitytechnology.com
Tue Apr 12 06:43:54 PDT 2005


I've been battling with my ingo vacation response problem recently and
came up with part of our problem:  if an account has a shell of
"emailonly" (something we created, which is nothing more than a script
with an echo and exit called), vacation responses aren't generated, the
vacation database is, but the vacation response never happens, I'm
guessing, due to the fact that when procmail tries to send formail and
sendmail commands, the emailonly shell script is being run and
formail/sendmail never runs because of it.  So, I'm looking for
suggestions on a way around this.  We really don't want to give
emailonly customers interactive shell access, but we would like to give
them access to vacation messages.

Curt LeCaptain

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