[ingo] Re: Procmail and Interactive Login Question/Suggestions

Curt LeCaptain lecaptainc at infinitytechnology.com
Wed Apr 13 19:49:30 PDT 2005

My mistake, thought there might be someone that's doing this that ran
into this problem before too.  I'll move it over there.

Curt LeCaptain

>>> Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org> 04/13/05 5:09 PM >>>
Zitat von Curt LeCaptain <lecaptainc at infinitytechnology.com>:

> I've been battling with my ingo vacation response problem recently and
> came up with part of our problem:  if an account has a shell of
> "emailonly" (something we created, which is nothing more than a script
> with an echo and exit called), vacation responses aren't generated,
> vacation database is, but the vacation response never happens, I'm
> guessing, due to the fact that when procmail tries to send formail and
> sendmail commands, the emailonly shell script is being run and
> formail/sendmail never runs because of it.  So, I'm looking for
> suggestions on a way around this.  We really don't want to give
> emailonly customers interactive shell access, but we would like to
> them access to vacation messages.

I guess you'll have more luck asking on the procmail mailing list 
because this has nothing to do with Ingo.


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