[ingo] Comments on Procmail support

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Tue May 3 07:06:33 PDT 2005

Quoting Adrian Close <adrian.close at hitwise.com>:

> I'm looking at replacing an existing manual .forward + 'vacation' setup
> here with Ingo and the Procmail driver.  All in all, it works pretty well.
> Meanwhile, some things that might make life easier:
> - the addition of a SHELL setting in the generated .procmailrc, for the
> situation where user shells are set to /bin/false or similar (otherwise,
> 'formail' and 'sendmail' don't run).
> - the addition of a From: header option, for cases where the mail server
> hostname bears only a passing resemblance to the email domain.
> - The "FILEDATE=`ls -lcn --time-style=+%s" thing is somewhat platform
> specific, relying on a recent GNU 'ls' (the one shipped with Debian Woody
> doesn't support it, for example, neither does the BSD one).  On Debian,
> one could use 'stat' instead.  I'm guessing there's no nice
> platform-independent way of doing this, so perhaps it might be nice to
> provide the option to disable this functionality.
> I'm happy to take a stab at coding this up.  I just wanted to check if
> anyone else had done/was doing this, and if there are any special
> Ingo/Horde procedures I should be aware of.  Or should I just shut up and
> code?  ;)

You don't need to shut up, but code is great. :) As far as I know, no 
one is working on this, though Ben C. might know more. Sending patches 
is good, and you can post enhancement tickets on bugs.horde.org to 
track these with or without patches.


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