[ingo] There was an error activating the script. The driver said: Connection timed out

Nash, Andy andy.nash at uk.telstra.com
Tue Aug 9 05:20:31 PDT 2005


I receive the above error when anyone tries to activate or deactivate a
script using ingo-HEAD-2004-05-30.

All users seem to be able to see their existing script if it exists
(because it is in the horde_prefs SQL table), but are not able to change
it. Shutting down cyrus-imapd, the error remains the same, yet when
telnetting to localhost, port 2000, while cyrus-imapd is running, Sieve
is definitely alive (it is not available whilst cyrus-imapd is shut down
of course).

My prefs and so on seem to be set up correctly, and it was previously
running fine but I'm not sure when this error occurred. It is therefore
possible that a change I have made is to blame, but I cannot recall
anything obvious.

I have googled everywhere but cannot seem to find any ref to this
particular error and what triggers it. In the code, it seems to be
triggered by a failure returned by a PEAR module (presumably Net_Socket
or Net_Sieve, but that is as far as my PHP skills can carry me...

Could it be permissions on the users' sieve directories/files? I have
made them writable by apache, but that did not seem to make any
difference (and I would not really have expected them to, as Sieve
should be the one reading and writing these files, not apache) so I
changed them back to being:

	cyrus.mail	-rw-------

Any advice gratefully received!



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