[ingo] There was an error activating the script. The driver said: Connection timed out

Andy Nash andy at kourou.com
Thu Sep 1 17:16:52 PDT 2005

Jan Schneider <jan at ...> writes:

> Zitat von "Nash, Andy" <andy.nash at ...>:
> > I receive the above error when anyone tries to activate or deactivate a
> > script using ingo-HEAD-2004-05-30.
> >
> > All users seem to be able to see their existing script if it exists
> > (because it is in the horde_prefs SQL table), but are not able to change
> > it. Shutting down cyrus-imapd, the error remains the same, yet when
> > telnetting to localhost, port 2000, while cyrus-imapd is running, Sieve
> > is definitely alive (it is not available whilst cyrus-imapd is shut down
> > of course).
> Then you have wrong settings in config/backends.php.
> Jan.

Thanks Jan,

I did not have the wrong settings (I had already checked them countless times,
but eventually noticed that the final ?> was missing from the end of the file. I
then got a sensible error saying that there was a login failure. I therefor
checked the pam.d settings for sieve and discovered my customised file
specifying mysql authentication had been overwritten by a default file
specifying local authentication....

I now find vacation is not working but that is another story :-)


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