[ingo] Adding a default rule to prefs.php?

amy.rich@tufts.edu amy.rich at tufts.edu
Thu Nov 3 09:36:53 PST 2005

We'd like to add a rule to all new users' filter settings.  Based on looking
at prefs.php, I'm assuming it can be done as part of $_prefs['rules'], but I'm
looking for documentation on exactly how we could make that happen.

This rule should match the header X-Spam-Score agains the string '****' and
save messages that match into a folder called Junk.  We'd like this rule to be
visible to all users by default, but not enabled by default.  When the user
enables the rule, it might ahve to create the Junk folder if it doesn't
already exist.

Any pointers?


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