[ingo] LocalFile Backend

Servet Guney sguney at metu.edu.tr
Mon Nov 28 11:53:28 PST 2005

While I am struggling (:)) with Horde-İmp-İngo I wrote a backend for 
backend stores the procmailrc files (or in my case a different file 
directive in .procmailrc file) in users home (for posix based systems) 
This backend is based on VFS File extension (horde/lib/VFS/file.php).

Disadvantages:There is a problem that httpd user must have write 
permission in the home
directories (an escape points: store a temp directory and move them to 
users home by a
secondary script or adjust the proper INCLUDERC directive)

I dont know useful or not for someone...İf so, let me know and I will 
send it to list
with a sample configuration backends.php of ingo conf
Have a nice day....
Servet Guney

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