[ingo] More detailed filter rule access

Frederik Holst horde at traintraveltogether.de
Wed Feb 15 17:06:59 PST 2006

Dear list,

I have the following problem:

In some accounts, I get a lot of Spam. Sometimes, but not always, all
new mail is Spam. In order to move this straight to the Spam-folder
for postprocessing with razor, I have to mark all unread messages,
click "Report as Spam" and confirm.
I cannot use an Ingo-filter because it's not possible to just apply
one single rule to the current folder. It always applies all my rules,
therefore, it doesn't work.
Furthermore, I can only select globally whether I want to filter all,  
only read or unread messages. Normally, I only want to filter unread  
messages, in this special case it would be the other way round.

I now "created" my own button in the same row which uses the
IMP-javascript to automatically mark all unread messages and move them
to my Trash-folder.
This, of course, has a number of drawbacks: Because on my system, the
"Trash" folder is the last one in the list, I just use the last entry
of the folder-list. This will definitively create problems as soon as
I let other users use my system.
And I have to recreate this button everytime I update my IMP-installation.

So my request would be whether it is possible to have icons for  
selected Ingo-filter rules, so one could just create a filter rule  
like that and apply that (and only that) to the current folder. This  
would also need that the decision what kind of messages are to be  
filtered has to be moved into each filter rule.

I'm sure, others could need this "one-click-solution" to get rid of
new Spam, too, so maybe this would be a good thing to work on?



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