[ingo] Exim Sieve Backend

Martin Fraser mdf at darksnow.net
Thu Feb 23 02:58:24 PST 2006

I know I'm replying to myself here, but I thought some people might be 
interested in what I've discovered.

Exim can be configured to translate the INBOX. style rules into absolute 
paths for users, which means it is compatible with the sieve standard rules.

I created a exim.php script for inclusion in $horde/ingo/lib/Scripts but 
it is very very simple and make a tiny change to what Mike Cochrane has 
already done. I can't take credit for any of this and I'll email Mike 
about the change.


class Ingo_Script_exim extends Ingo_Script_sieve {
      * For exim to read sieve scripts it requires the
      * # Sieve filter header so I've simply prepended
      * it onto the standard sieve header
     function toCode() {
         return "# Sieve Filter\n" . parent::toCode();

Some changes to Debian's default userforward router and 
address_directory transport for exim and the sieve rules work as created 
by Mike.

My horde users now can create filters through Ingo, I hope this is of 
help to somebody out there, and that I didn't step in Mike's toes here.



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