[ingo] Exim Sieve Backend

Martin Fraser mdf at darksnow.net
Wed Mar 1 03:07:57 PST 2006

Cheers Jan, that is perfect.

I'm using the current stable branch FRAMEWORK_3 so I assume I won't get 
that change if I update, but it should be helpful to others.

For the record, the change needed to exim to get this to work involves 
interpreting the INBOX. at the start of the folder definition, assuming 
you are using Maildir mailboxes, which I guess anyone using IMAP will be.

On my debian system which uses a directory full of config files that are 
used to construct the main exim.conf file there is a directory for 

In the address_directory transport add a line like this.
directory = ${sg {$address_file} {(^[Ii][Nn][Bb][Oo][Xx])(.*)\/*} 
{$home/Maildir/\$2/} }

Which will do a case insensitive match on INBOX (lower case inbox is the 
default so matching the upper case will not work) and substitute it for 
the users Maildir directory.

Also, under routers change the userforward router to make sure that the 
file_transport is the same transport as mentioned above since under the 
default setup, if the mail is moved to a folder without a trailing 
slash, it will be interpreted as a file and therefore this will not work.

If somebody can write a better RegExp to match INBOX at the start of a 
line in a case insensitive way, let me know, otherwise, I'm glad I got 
this working, Ingo works perfectly for me know on my Debian / Exim setup.

Thanks for all the great work and sorry for the long post.


Jan Schneider wrote:
> Zitat von Martin Fraser <mdf at darksnow.net>:
> Done. The script header looks now like this:
> # Sieve Filter
> # Generated by Ingo (http://www.horde.org/ingo/) (February 24, 2006, 6:55 pm)
> Jan.

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