[ingo] Hidden procmail vacation db files and Maildir

Norbert Kottmann norbert.kottmann at id.unibe.ch
Fri May 19 06:12:36 PDT 2006

Hi there,

I saw that since version 1.52 of the procmail backend (lib/Scripts/ 
procmail.php), the vacation db files are hidden (with a leading dot  
in the file name).

This is somehow nice but really not a good solution if you are using  
Maildir. The db files are stored in $HOME/Maildir/.vacation.address  
which will be interpreted as a normal mailfolder (i.e. with courier).  
Horde handles these files also as mailfolder (unless you are using  
IMAP Folder Subscription which is not always the case).

Does anyone have a workaround for this problem?

Thanks and kind regards, Norbert
University of Berne
IT-Services Department

Norbert Kottmann

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CH-3012 Bern
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