[ingo] Errors testing ingo with expect example script

Javier Carlos Viegas javiercviegas at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Jun 12 13:20:39 PDT 2006

Hi, im new to ingo, and i ´m using defaults expect
script example, i´ve change only the host ip, and im
getting this error on the log file: 

expect: spawn id exp22 not open
    while executing
"expect -nobrace -re {The authenticity of host.* can't
be established.*
RSA key fingerprint is.*
Are you sure you want to continue connecting.*}
    invoked from within
"expect {
  -re $fingerprint_string {sleep .5
                           send yes\r}
  -re $password_string    {sleep .5
line 168)

What am i doing wrong?


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