[ingo] Setting a nonstandard mail directory with Procmail variables

JM Coursimault Horde at coursimault.com
Tue Jun 13 09:59:55 PDT 2006

I'm on Mandriva2006 with UW-Imap, and my default mail directory is not  

To set it up correctly, everything is here in Ingo, although I had not  
understood it yet.

Since I saw some who were in the same case, here it goes :

In ingo/config/backends.php ,just put the MAILDIR variable in the  
scriptparams array,
such as this :

     'scriptparams' => array(
         // What path style does the IMAP server use ['mbox'|'maildir']?
         'path_style' => 'mbox',
         // An array of variables to append to every generated script.
         // Use if you need to set up specific environment variables.
         'variables' => array(
             // Example for the $PATH variable
             // 'PATH' => '/usr/bin'
             'MAILDIR' => '$HOME/Mail'

The MAILDIR variable will be right at the beginning of the generated  
.procmailrc file, which will solve the pb.
-- Jean Marc

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