[ingo] Whitelist/Blacklist behavior

Jason Felice jfelice at cronosys.com
Thu Aug 10 13:04:06 PDT 2006

I'm adding a test suite to Ingo, and have encountered a difference in
behavior between the 'imap' driver and the 'sieve' driver.

If you whitelist @example.com and blacklist spammer at example.com with the
'imap' driver, messages from spammer at example.com are kept.

With the sieve driver, the messages are discarded.

(Sieve whitelist is testing that the address is identical; imap whitelist is
testing that the address contains the value.)

How should this work?  How do people use it?  Just from IMP's
blacklist/whitelist?  (If so, how does that have any effect?)

 Jason Felice
 (216) 221-4600  x302
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