[ingo] different configuration dependant on used server?

Markus Krause krause at biochem.mpg.de
Wed Sep 20 03:10:13 PDT 2006

Hi Rafael,

thanks for your reply, this seems to be just what i need! :-)

but i am a bit irritaed about the comments in the ticket. i am using  
the release version and therefor applied your patches in  
ingo.patch.tgz, which worked fine. but if i am inserting the hook-code  
in backends.php as suggested in the ticket by jan i get an error about  
the missing file hooks.php. then i put the code in hooks.php and there  
is no error.
right now i have still the problem on how to configure ingo to  
distinguish between the two configurations depending on the server the  
user choose on logging in. i put different values in "preferred" in  
imp/config/servers.php and used the same in ingo/config/backends.php  
but this obviously is not correct (as it does not work; it seems i am  
missunderstanding the use of the variable "preferred"). can you give  
me an example for the configuration? actually i need procmail for the  
imap server and no filtering at all for the exchange. can this be  

thanks in advance for any hints!


Zitat von Rafael Varela Pet <srrafa at usc.es>:
> Hi,
> You need to put some code in backends.php. See ticket 3701.
> https://dev.horde.org/horde/whups/ticket/?id=3701
> El mar, 19-09-2006 a las 12:46 +0200, Markus Krause escribió:
>> We are using Horde with two different mail-servers: a Linux IMAP
>> server and Microsoft Exchange. On the login page the user can choose
>> which server (depending on the type of account he has) he wants to
>> use. For reading and writing/sending mail this works perfectly, but
>> there is a problem with mail filtering with Ingo. On the Linux IMAP
>> server we use procmail, which of course does not work with MS
>> Exchange. Is there a way to setup Ingo to choose different
>> configuration values (procmail for the IMAP server, none/null for
>> Exchange) or can this only be solved by setting up two horde
>> installations?
> Regards,
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