[ingo] unknown error in activating script

lst_hoe01@kwsoft.de lst_hoe01 at kwsoft.de
Fri Oct 6 07:49:12 PDT 2006

Zitat von Rafael Varela Pet <srrafa at usc.es>:

> Hi,
> El jue, 05-10-2006 a las 17:15 +0200, lst_hoe01 at kwsoft.de escribió:
>> We have a horde/imp/ingo installation which uses Cyrus and Sieve for
>> managing redirects/vacation and the like. It has worked as intended but
>> today one user reported that he can not revoke his vacation message. I
>> have tried it with and other account and get the error message (german)
>> "Beim Aktivieren des Skripts ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Antwort des
>> Treibers:"
>> I can not find anything in the logs and tcpdump does not even show a
>> connect to timsieved.
>> PEAR Modules reported by ingo
>>     * PEAR Search Path (PHP's include_path):  
>> /srv/www/horde/lib:.:/usr/lib/php
>>     * PEAR: Yes
>>     * Recent PEAR: Yes
>>     * Net_Socket: Yes
>>     * Net_Sieve: Yes
>> Any hint where i can dig what is going wrong?
> My German skills are not good enough, but your problem looks similar to
> one we faced recently.
> Check your Net_Sieve version and take a look at:
> http://pear.php.net/bugs/bug.php?id=8782
> Regards,

Many Thanxs!!!
That fixed it. Indeed we have updated the pear modules some days ago 
and that's why it get broken. Altered the line 219 in Net/Sieve.php 
like described made it work again.



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